Trans Asia Partnership

Partnering with Middle Eastern believers, TAP reaches people in crisis through teaching, leadership development, Bible printing and distribution, health care and relief.

The purpose of TAP is to disciple new Believers in the Middle East to see the transformation of individuals, communities and cultures.
In the midst of tremendous turmoil the Church is able to show the love of Jesus in tangible ways.
One of these ways is in the 23 medical clinics in Syria and Iraq. Not only are medical needs met as provisions allow, much healing through prayer and acceptance into the community takes place.
TAP also equips the leaders and new Believers through teaching of spiritual truths. A key component of this is the printing and distribution of the Bible in 5 languages in 7 countries.
The numbers of orphans and widows in the region grows every day. The Body sees the opportunity to love these people and give them an education.
Please consider joining this partnership through praying, giving, and spreading the word.

  • Medical supplies for our 23 Clinics ($20,000/clinic).
  • Food and supplies for the thousands that reside around the clinics and Prayer Centers ($10,000/clinic).
  • Educational Supplies, including the printing and distribution of Bibles ($40/ Bible with a goal of 5,000).
  • Training of leaders and teachers ($60,000).

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