God Transforms Individuals and Communities through Education

Everyone wants quality education.
Everyone needs Gospel transformation.

As our educators fulfill their students’ desire for quality education, we see the Holy Spirit bringing about Gospel transformation.

Will you join us in enabling this type of transformational education to flourish around the world?

Your financial partnership with the Global Impact Fund can help TeachBeyond start new schools, grow existing projects, mobilize missional educators, and develop dynamic leaders – so that more lives may be transformed by the Gospel through education.

  • Start new schools

  • Grow existing projects

  • Mobilize missional educators

  • Develop dynamic leaders

  • Transformed Educators

  • Transformed Students

  • Transformed Schools

  • Transformed Societies

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Stories about the Global Impact Fund

Impacted By Christ through Educational Programming

TeachBeyond is so excited to see how God is using education in creative access countries to make Himself known. Following is the Parable of the Lee Family which illustrates the depth and variety of opportunities for people of all ages to be impacted by Christ through educational programming.

Brazilian Teachers Integrating their Faith into the Classroom

“There are only a few Christian schools in Brazil in comparison with North America, but many (public school) teachers are Christians,” said Raphael Haeuser, educational consultant with TeachBeyond Brasil. The Brazilian government has recently made an extraordinary decision to require religion to be taught in public schools while giving wide latitude for the way teachers do that.

France Today: More Christian Schools, but Teachers are Needed

There is a growing movement of Christian schools in France, meeting the need for education that is value based. TeachBeyond is coming alongside these schools, providing help with recruiting and helping teachers support-raise.

Learning to Be Kind: Zahra

When “Zahra” (name changed) was five years old her family left Afghanistan, hoping to provide a safe life and future for them. They made their way to Greece, only to end up trapped in the notorious refugee camp Moria on the island of Lesvos.

Liza’s Life Change

When Liza was a baby, her mother dropped her off with her Gogo (“granny” in Zulu) and walked out of her life.

Gogo lives in a shack in the farming area of the North West Province of South Africa. She earns money working on a farm. Liza has had to grow up fast and take on adult responsibilities because Gogo likes to spend her money in the nearby tavern. Liza cleans their home, cooks their meals, and then she goes to the tavern and brings Gogo home.