Building a Christian School and Developing Teacher Education in Kinshasa, DRC

With the help of Fateb in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

We are beginning a multifaceted education project in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In cooperation with Fateb, a multi-country seminary in Central Africa, we will develop long-term relationships and introduce a Christ-centered worldview to this area of French-speaking Africa. This will help bring stability, reconciliation and hope to a region that has faced many difficulties. Our primary means of accomplishing this goal is by launching a K-12 school in an area with more than ten million people. Later, we will help create a university program with degrees in theology, education, professional studies, and more. We are excited about the potential these educational opportunities offer to bring the hope and transformation of Christ to Kinshasa.

Starting a preschool to reach the communities of Kinshasa

In 2015 we begin the initial phases of an educational project, which is focused at reaching into one community initially. Starting with a preschool, we will add a grade each year in order to develop an elementary school. One of our goals is bringing Christ to students and their families as well as offering additional classes for the whole family. Our teacher education program, reaching to surrounding areas, will increase the potential for achievement and progress, as well as help teachers integrate Christ into their classroom lessons.

Partnering with Fateb to start an elementary school

In phase one, we will join the newest branch of the Fateb seminary, by opening a K-12 school. The school will begin in 2015 with three levels of kindergarten and add a grade each year until all grades are present.

Focusing on high-quality curriculum and integrating Christian principles

Two benchmarks of this project will be an emphasis on cultivating a life transformation within students towards Christ-likeness and on providing a rigorous, thought-provoking curriculum to prepare students for higher education and community impact. Beyond the educational components of a Christian school, every aspect of the school will focus on the fruit of God’s love as demonstrated in the lives of students and staff. These transformed lives will be the elements used to transform the community, one life at a time.

Developing one of the first Bachelor of Education degree programs in DRC

We are currently laying the foundation for a Bachelor of Education program to provide one of the first degrees in the country in Elementary Education. Degrees in Theology and Professional Studies (Communication, Technology, Business) are also in the long-range plans. Education for the entire family of enrolled students will be supported through continuing education programs in Women’s Studies, English Language and Leadership Development.

Modeling for future schools

These programs will serve as a model for later phases of the Fateb Kinshasa partnership, such as, becoming a teacher development center in the region. By taking the best of teacher training in Africa, research-based pedagogy from abroad, and context-based studies, the Fateb Kinshasa partnership can help raise the bar of educational excellence in the country.

Amount Received

Amount Needed

$250,000 Total needed for first three years of start-up and operations

  • $20,000 to Furnish three classrooms
  • $6,000 a teacher’s salary for one year
  • $3,600 a teacher’s aid salary
  • $1,800 the school rent per month
  • $1,800 a satellite Internet subscription for IT
  • Books and school materials
  • Computers and projectors
  • Books & library print media

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