Beyond Borders Lesvos

Creating educational opportunities for refugee
children and youth awaiting resettlement

Stranded othe island of Lesvos after escaping war and conflict, asylum seekers from over forty countries live in a state of transit in Camp Moria, where their dreams of building a new life are placed on hold for months and even years as they wait for their papers to be processedAlso on hold is the reality of an education for many of these displaced children, who may have already experienced the loss of an education in their home country due to violence and instability. 

We believe education is transformative in our lives and that without it, people are denied a basic right and need. We believe that God calls us to be salt and light in dark and dangerous places.  We believe that as Christ followers, we are called to extend Christ’s love beyond borders and that we have a great opportunity to seed into individuals, organizations, and communities through transformational education. 

On Lesvos we partner with other groups to set up safe learning spaces where refugee children and adults can come to each day to build relationships with caring teachers and engage their minds and bodies to “learn to heal” and “heal to learn”.  Our educational programs on Lesvos for children focus on preparing children to enter school while also engaging in healing through art and music.  We explore language and movementfind joy in play and provide a space where healing and learning are sacred and championed.  We have found that adults are eager learners too and deeply appreciate opportunities to learn English.  We partner with others to provide English language programs for adult refugees on Lesvos. 

We invite you to partner with us, through a one-time donation or by becoming a Lesvos Beyond Borders monthly backer. 

  • Total Annual Operational Expenses $32,000 (Monthly budget $2,667) 
  • Breakdown of Operational budget: 
    • Transportation of children to the learning space $5400/ year 
    • Educational materials $3600/year 
    • Shared rent for learning spaces $3600/ year 
    • Local staffing support $19,400/ year 

We need to recruit 50 people to become $60 monthly supporters for our Lesvos project.
(We currently have 2!).


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