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Student’s Lives Transformed

“I have learned about God and why it’s important to be faithful to Him. BCA has also taught me how to be a better Christian by helping people and thanking God for all the blessings I receive each day, which has been the most valuable lesson for me.”

“BCA is the first place I found out about God, and it’s the sole reason I am a Christian today.”

“BCA is better because of one reason, God. BCA continues to teach future leaders with academic and spiritual knowledge.”

BCA’s Vision

To be a world class school graduating Christ-centered leaders transforming Belize and beyond.

BCA’s Mission

The mission of Belize Christian Academy is to provide, by the grace of God, the best education possible, by developing children mentally, spiritually, socially, and physically, using curricula, instructors, and an environment that are consistent with Biblical truth, honoring the worth of the individual made in the image of God, and declaring and worshiping God as Creator, Savior, and Lord of all things.

Faith for the Future

The total funds needed for the completion of the entire project of building a world-class school in Belize capable of accommodating 350 students is $3.3 million (USD).

Phase 1: $1.3 million

  • $320k needed urgently in the next 12 months for the purchase of 16 modular buildings so the rest of the phasing can take place as we build

*Each fully out-fitted modular costs around $20k which includes delivery to the campus, these are needed immediately because of the state of disrepair of current structures and to facilitate phase development with ease.

  • The initial construction of a standard classroom building (with a pair of new classrooms), a gymnasium, and an administration building will provide immediate positive impact for students, teachers, parents, and the administrative staff at BCA.

Phase 2: $1 million

  • Phase 2 includes the construction of two classroom buildings and the multi-purpose cafeteria building. It also includes attention to some key infrastructure changes.

Phase 3: $1 million

  • In Phase 3, buildings to be constructed include the Learning Centre and two classroom buildings.

Will you commit now to be apart of our Faith for the Future?

About Belize Christian Academy (BCA)

Standing on the hilltop at the BCA campus, you can see a panorama of lush trees, blue sky, and a campus that was once only a dream. It had been a cattle ranch in years past – predominantly occupied by supa palms with their thorny bark, cohune palms, thorns, and rocky soil. It indeed had a wilderness look. But God had a plan, and He let us in on it.

During the visioning days, the book of Isaiah had much encouragement for us:

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert, and streams in the wasteland.”

Isaiah 43:19

“You will go out with joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. Instead of the thorn bush will grow the pine tree, and instead of briers the myrtle will grow. This will be for the Lord’s renown, for an everlasting sign, which will not be destroyed.”

Isaiah 55: 1-13

Much patience and endurance was required, but He brought forth myrtle trees instead of briers, Royal poinciana trees instead of thorn bushes, and children and adults singing praises to His Name. The cohune trees clap their hands for this place is a place of renown for God Almighty!

(Written by: Mrs. Judy Williams, Founder of BCA)

Success Stories

The parents enrolled their kids not knowing the eternal benefits of taking such action. They were seeking a quality education for their students, and they got it. But there was an undercurrent of spiritual Truth that permeated every academic class. Christian Education class has been a mainstay in the curriculum. Teachers and administrators were believers, and the love and joy of Christ was shared generously. The mother shared years later that she saw a transformation in her children, and they kept bringing home nuggets of Truth, even as God was working in her through one of her friends, and she began to open her heart to the truth of Jesus Christ. She is a vibrant Christian now. God drew her, she responded, and it has made all the difference for eternity. It’s what BCA was created for -quality education but more importantly transformation that leads to eternal benefit.

Diego is one of the success stories. One of many. His story is extra special because it shows the transforming power of God’s presence. Diego had struggled in the government schools in Belmopan. He was ostracized for being different. His parents, in their deep love and persistent efforts, enrolled him in BCA for high school. The loving, caring staff and a student body who respected differences in all of us made Diego feel accepted and eventually more comfortable. He graduated from BCA and all of us, especially his parents, felt it was a major milestone in his life. For several years he stagnated in his development, but then his dear uncle had an epiphany and suggested he and Diego take a welding course. It was quickly evident that Diego had a Godgiven knack for welding. Stirring up this hidden potential has released a new freedom in Diego who now speaks more freely, and he is motivated to apply himself to this newly found ability. Now here is where the story turns to a personal joy. Diego is designing an iron park bench that he will make for the BCA campus. There will be a plaque on it: In gratitude to Mr. Charlie Williams for his obedience and faith in founding Belize Christian Academy. Lovingly made by a graduate of BCA, Diego Mazariegos. May the transforming power of our Lord and Savior bring many students to their innate potential and passion.

Perfect Timing Reaching the 20-year milestone at BCA, our prayers for successors became more frequent. Charlie used to say, “What if a dump truck runs us both over and there is no structure for continuing the vision for BCA?” We knew God had a plan for the day when we would step away and let others carry out the vision. In 2015 we heard about TeachBeyond, an organization that manages Christian schools across the world. Our first conversations with them brought affirmation that God had led us to them. Each individual with whom we spoke had a heart for God and a heart for Christian education. They also had a spirit of humility and respect that was so appealing to us. Many conversations later, we had a plan to turn BCA over to TeachBeyond and our thought was that we would continue to be involved working along with TeachBeyond for several years to make the transition as smooth as possible. But our thoughts are not God’s thoughts. That was not His plan. In May of 2016 we had a celebration in Belmopan. The community was informed of the transition. In September Charlie was diagnosed with leukemia. On the 6th of November 2016, the Lord took Charlie to his eternal home. His work on earth was done. He was a good and faithful servant. TeachBeyond is God’s answer to our prayers for His school. Praise Him for His wisdom and faithfulness!

History of the Organization

Since 1993, Belize Christian Academy has built a reputation of academic excellence based upon a unique Biblically based curriculum that emphasizes and encourages the development of its students’ minds, bodies and hearts.

On the outskirts of the capital city of Belize, Belmopan, BCA is a private, interdenominational Christian school with a multi-national staff of well-qualified teachers and administrators dedicated to support approximately 200 students who represent over 15 nationalities. It is the school choice of many expats, nationals (70% of our students), business owners, embassies, and other government families.

Explanation of Our Programs

BCA is recognized and approved by the Ministry of Education and the Government of Belize. BCA is also an Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) member school. From Kindergarten through 12th Grade, all students are challenged in classrooms with a low student-to-teacher ratio (around 15:1) that provides the individual attention needed by students to realize their full educational potential. In addition to a 30 station computer lab, students also have access to a science lab and a variety of physical education and sports programs. Spacious, well-equipped playgrounds ensure that the children, when not in the classroom, are encouraged to simply enjoy the playful side of childhood.


    Students in grades 2 to 10 are enrolled in music. It is mandatory in primary but an elective in high school. The primary school children excel in the National Festival of Arts each year and perform at various events in the community.


    All students participate in Physical Education classes. Students also participate in the following competitions: Football, Volleyball, Basketball, and Track & Field.


    Students struggling in Reading or Mathematics receive one-on-one instruction. Our resource person teaches children Phonics who are learning English for the first time.


    Students in primary school read books assigned to their grade level. Students must read more than 10 books per year.


    Christian Education is a mandatory class for high school students and the bible is integrated within the teaching curriculum. We have a week of Spiritual Emphasis where our high school students do outreach in the community. Students are also involved in Charitable outreach.

Outcomes and Proof of Impact

Why does BCA exist?

  • BCA exists to provide quality education consistent with biblical integration.

Why should people care?

  • People should care because the children we are educating will be the future leaders and influencers transforming Belize and beyond.

What is your big, bold vision for the future?

  • Our vision for the future of BCA is to see our school not only excel academically, but to be a light to the nation of Belize, that our students will impact the community and beyond with the gospel of Jesus, that their lives, their parents’, and our communities will be transformed because of coming into contact with BCA.

With an English-teaching curriculum that upholds very high academic standards, BCA students are continually challenged – mentally, spiritually, socially and physically to do their very best. BCA test scores have ranked well above the national and district percentages yearly. Students in grade 12 have gone on to the United States, Canada, Europe, and other Caribbean countries to post secondary education. BCA students who have taken the ACT/SAT perform competitively with US statistics.

BCA’s students excel in the following standardized tests: BJAT, PSE, ATLIB, CSEC and SAT.

In 2017-2018, one of BCA’s students ranked in the top ten percent on the PSAT Exam in the entire country! Also, BCA ranked 3rd on the PSAT Exam in the Belmopan District.